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"[Students] develop new respect for what their bodies can do with hard work, learn the movements that are the building blocks of dance, and experience the joy of working as part of an ensemble. And it's all free."
Crain's - New York Business

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Ballet Tech Eliot Feld The School NYC Public School for Dance Kids Dance Performances Facts

  • Number of children who have auditioned since 1978: 811,794
  • Number of children who have enrolled since 1978: 20,704
  • Number of participating schools where auditions are held: 532
  • Average age of students auditioning: 8
  • Average number of beginners each year: 470
  • Average number of full-time students each year: 165
  • Number of buses per week arriving at Ballet Tech: 75
  • Percentage of minority students: 88%
  • Percentage of students who are male: 51%
  • Price per leotard: $13
  • Number of loads of laundry washed each week: 29
  • Number of dance classes each year: 2,688
  • Annual operating expenses: $3,113,419
  • Tuition income: $0